A customer writes: I have the Vent-Sure from L&L...great product. When firing glazes what is a good temp to turn off the vent so kiln can hit target temp in my case 2190 Deg F. Do glazes off-gas after say 2000 degrees? Is there a general

To calculate how many CFM of air ventilation you need moving through a kiln room
  • Look up the amount of BTU/Hour that your kiln kill give off. See the BTU chart located on the General Dimension Drawing of the kiln model. You can download the
  • It is possible to convert a J230 manual kiln into a JD230 automatic kiln. 

    What Parts You Will Need

    (1) L-G-PC50/72 50 amp power cord (1) L-A-P300/31 Complete control box (3) T-G-E800/00 8 gauge TCs (3) T-G-MKIT/00 TC mounting

    This question gets asked a lot around the holidays. L&L's official line on cooling the kiln is leave it alone until it reaches 200F, then you can open it and unload it.

    However, I have heard of all sorts of different cooling

    In a word- No.

  • All surfaces within 3 feet of the kiln need to be fireproof.
  • If you are going to locate the kiln somewhere that there will be non-fire-proof surfaces you can make them fireproof by covering them with cement
  • Yes - there is no problem putting a smaller element in a larger holder. Just be careful on the first firing so that the element doesn't come out of the holder while it is still "springy". Once the element has "relaxed" it will be fine.

    Question: We received this semester a DaVinci 2327-D and I'm hoping you can help us with some venting questions.

    When our kiln room was set up, the designers created a vent system which linked all three kilns via flexible ductwork to a

    A customer writes:

    I have several e28-T kilns. I'm considering buying the Advancer kiln shelves made for the electric kiln. I like the idea of less density, lighter weight, and no warping. We fire all kilns almost every other day, they are

    It is fine to go through a roof with the L&L Vent-Sure kiln fumes vent system.

  • So long as you keep the fan motor within 60 feet of the kiln, and minimise the number of elbows, it will be fine.
  • You may need to hardwire
  • Sometimes when you press the Bisque or Glaze button on the One-Touch control you are not able to change the options. The control does nothing.

    Couple of possibilities here...

    First is that the kiln must be on the IDLE screen

    The molecules of air (which expand during the heating of the kiln) do not carry many BTUs. The hottest the air gets at the output of the motor is about 140°F. Moreover the heat quickly disipates as the vented air moves beyond the output of the

    • You should vent a test kiln if your regular kiln is vented.
    • You want to recreate as closely as possible everything in the test kiln that is happening in the regular kiln in order to get real feedback from what you are testing.<
    • Before you purchase oil, check to be sure that you do not have a motor with sealed bearings.
    • A motor with sealed bearings is permanently lubricated and does not require oil.
    • If you have this type of motor there will

    If the controller is in the limit state (i.e. LMT flashing in the display), you must use the Up Arrow button to raise the Setpoint above the current temperature reading. Then press the Start/Stop/Enter button on the right to Reset the control.

    Specifically this error code means that during a cooling segment in the programmed firing, one of the thermocouple temperatures is more than 50 degrees above the set point for longer than 18 seconds.

    In other words, the kiln is cooling

    One of the most difficult kiln performance problems to address is a problem with the electrical supply to the kiln. The apparent symptoms might be an Error 1 (E1), sluggish heat up, or poorly fired work.

    Kilns are designed to operate at

    An element connection can begin to glow if it is overheating. There are a few ways this can happen.

    If different materials were used in the element connection ... like if you went to the hardware store and got regular zinc plated washers

    tC FAIL tC alternating with FAIL

    Indicates the thermocouple has failed. Replace the defective thermocouple. To clear the error, press any key.
    Errd Displayed whenever the kiln temperature is 100°F (38°C) above the traveling set-point,

    Can't get your Genesis controller to connect to your WiFi network?

    There are a few things to check to help remedy the problem and get your controller's WiFi up and running.

    Using the WiFi opens up new possibilities with the Genesis

    To Toggle Error Codes On and Off

    The OTHER button contains a menu which contains many of the different user-programmable settings. As you press OTHER again and again the menu will scroll by. You can press REVIEW SEG to go backwards in

    Circuit Breakers
    • Circuit breakers that have tripped and have been reset continually will be more apt to trip at a lower amperage than they are rated for. They get worn out.
    • A breaker in a small kiln room will trip sooner

    Your Jupiter, DaVinci, or Doll kiln will have its elements either wired in parallel or wired in series. The quickest way to tell the difference is look at the element terminal board and note how many terminal bolts are present.

    On kilns

    A Relay May Be Stuck Shut
  • All computerized kilns use relays to cycle the power on and off to the kiln sections.
  • If one of those relays sticks shut, power will go to the kiln all the time.
  • All L&L Kilns relays and
  • Usually this means a relay is stuck on and needs to be replaced.

  • On 3-phase kilns, and on any kilns that pull more than 48 amps, only the power needed to turn on the relays passes through the kiln-sitter. The power to turn the
  • When packed, the thermocouples on the Jupiter JD and DaVinci kilns are mounted to the kiln sections without the thermocouple lead wire attached. This is because the panel is packed separately.

    During assembly the customer must connect