Can't Change Options on One-Touch Control

Sometimes when you press the Bisque or Glaze button on the One-Touch control you are not able to change the options. The control does nothing.

Couple of possibilities here...

First is that the kiln must be on the IDLE screen when the Bisque or the Glaze button is pressed and held down. If the screen reads something besides IDLE, then pressing the Bisque or Glaze buttons will do nothing.

If you are on the IDLE screen, you press and hold Bisque or Glaze, and nothing happens- it still just says IDLE and the temperature- then try it again. Press and hold Bisque or Glaze again for longer than 5 seconds. If it still does not change, the controller must be replaced.

One thing to note- if you press and hold Bisque or Glaze, and it does change to where you can change what the Bisque or Glaze program is, you only have a few seconds to change things there before the display times out and goes back to IDLE.