Jobs and Opportunities at L&L Kiln

Production Workers

We occasionally have job openings for skilled assemblers. We start between $18 to $19 per hour, have excellent benefits, health care, and have a great and safe working environment. Contact and send your resume.


We are looking for a unique person (or persons) who understand and live in the pottery world, are proficient in social media, writing, graphic design, and can produce short instructional videos. This job could be one full time person or several part time people with the right skill sets. Contact Send your resume or a brief description of your skills and background.

Kiln Service People

If you service kilns - anywhere in the USA or the world - please let us know who you are. Send us your contact information, your background and experience, your service area and your rates. We will add you to our service Database and share that with potential customers in your area. Contact