Can I convert a manual J230 to an automatic JD230 and if so what do I need to get?

It is possible to convert a J230 manual kiln into a JD230 automatic kiln. 

What Parts You Will Need

(1) L-G-PC50/72 50 amp power cord (1) L-A-P300/31 Complete control box (3) T-G-E800/00 8 gauge TCs (3) T-G-MKIT/00 TC mounting kits (3) T-G-TUBE/00 TC protection tubes (3) L-J-JC36/20 20 amp Jumper Cords (3) L-G-JMP6/00 Element box jumper wires (1) C-G-PEEP/00 Peep hole plug

Highly recommended: (6) E-E-23TX/31 Stronger 48 amp elements

What These Parts Do

  1. It is highly recommended to replace the elements with new 48 amp Easy-Fire Elements. You can only use these elements if you have a 60 amp circuit breaker for the kiln.
  2. The jumper cords are necessary because your old ones are not long enough to reach the outlets on the new control box. These outlets are on the side of the box now rather than on the bottom.
  3. The jumper wires are replaced routinely whenever you replace the jumper cords.
  4. Peep hole plug is for the hole where the kiln-sitter used to be.
  5. Power cord is replaced because you do not want to hook your new thousand dollar control box to an old oxidized power cord. Same goes for the rest of the items. There is a 3 year limited warranty on the control box only if all these items are replaced.
  6. Most people realize what it will really cost to do this, just to end up with an old kiln that has a new computer controller. Typically they decide to get a new kiln instead.
  7. If this is done properly (i.e. all recommended parts are replaced), then the control box will have a 3 year warranty. A new serial number data nameplate will have to be supplied with a note on it spelling out what is warranted and what is not.