Does a small Test Kiln need to be hooked to a Vent System?

  • You should vent a test kiln if your regular kiln is vented.
  • You want to recreate as closely as possible everything in the test kiln that is happening in the regular kiln in order to get real feedback from what you are testing.
  • Any electric kiln will benefit from a vent.
  • You can hook up the Vent-Sure to the Doll Kilns. There is no provision for the vent on the Doll Kiln stand, or on some of the other smaller L&Ls, but it is fine to just attach the vent bypass collection box to the side of the kiln and drill the hole through the side near the bottom of the firing chamber. About a 1/8" hole on the .5 cubic foot Doll Kiln should do the trick.