Sprinkler Cautions

  1. If you have a sprinkler system be careful to check the temperature rating and location of the heads so that you do not inadvertently cause them to actuate under normal firing conditions.
  2. Be sure to monitor this while the kiln is at its highest firing temperature and conditions are at their worse (for instance when the door to the kiln room is closed or the ventilation fan is turned off). Serious damage to the kiln and your premises can take place if the sprinkler system goes off when the kiln is at high temperature - especially if no one is in building when it happens.
  3. Put the highest temperature rated sprinkler head in the room or else make sure it is not right above the kiln.
  4. Don't locate a sprinkler head directly over a kiln. You could get localized heating just above the kiln when the door is opened or if say the kiln lid was slightly opened.
  5. You may want to look into an alarm that would alert the appropriate personnel if the room temperature got above say 125°F. The sprinkler may keep the building from burning down but the damage from the sprinkler itself can be catastrophic.
  6. Make sure you ventilation is adequate for the room. See this link to calculated ventilation requirements.