This page has all the information you should need to see how we handle payment terms, shipping, returns, etc. If you don't see your question answered please call or email us.

Prices & Payment Terms

Payment accepted: Credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, purchase orders (limited), checks.
All pricing on the web site is effective as soon as it is posted.
Where we charge sales tax and when sales tax is exempt.
Specifications may change. All photographs on the web site might not be the latest product photos.
Legal Terms & Conditions of Sales


The best place to buy a kiln depends of a number a factors.
Issues to think about if you are buying direct.
These are standard lead times for kiln orders.
Kilns are not returnable. However, L&L does have a very generous policy if you order the wrong voltage.
How to order parts, delivery times, Restocking charges, Shipping
What to do if you get the wrong parts.
The L&L Kiln website does not support eCommerce at this time.

Service & Warranty

The is the warranty that applies to most L&L kilns.
The Five-Year Warranty applies to School-Master Kilns with the One-Touch Control
This is the warranty used for industrial use kilns


Freight charges and methods. Shipping class. Extra Freight Services.
What you need to know about shipping and installing Easy-Load Kilns
How we pack our kilns to prevent shipping damage.
All the issues for shipments outside the United States.
What to do in the case of shipping damage.
How easy it is to set up L&L Kilns.
What you need to know about packaging, insurance and rush charges.