Vent-Sure Downdraft Vent

A Downdraft Vent makes your kiln last longer

  • The Vent-Sure kiln vent helps prevent corrosion in and on your kiln. It extends the life of elements and electrical components.
  • Having a vent improves your warranty.


Vent Blower Sucks the Fumes Out

  • The vent blower motor is normally mounted with the 12" outlet protruding through a wall. 
  • This keeps the heat of the kiln away from the motor (for long motor life) and keeps the motor vibration away from the kiln.
  • The vent tubing is kept under vacuum instead of pressure.
  • This insures that any leak in the tubing does not blow noxious fumes into your room.

Large Capacity

  • The blower vents up to 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute).
  • This will handle up to a 20 cubic foot kiln (and usually larger). More than one vent can be attached to a kiln.

Minimal Electrical Power Needed

  • The motor only pulls 1.37 amps on 120 volts.
  • The blower motor features a 6-foot long 120-volt 15-amp power cord. An On/Off switch is located on the cord.
  • 240-volt models are available.

Vent Bypass Box

Bypass box on stand

Adjustable Vent Control

  • A vacuum bypass on the kiln bypass/collection box adjusts the amount of venting from the system.
  • Adjust the vent to kiln size so so no heat is wasted.

8 feet of flexible aluminum duct

  • 8 feet of flexible expandable aluminum 3" diameter duct is included along with necessary hose clamps.
  • Longer lengths or lengths of 3" stove pipe can be used as well.
  • Length can be as great as 60 feet horizontal or vertical with up to four 90-degree bends.
  • An 8-foot flexible duct is included. We also sell a separate 15-foot flexible duct that you can purchase for longer runs.

Three-Year Limited Warranty

  • Because of our unique wall-mount fan, we rarely replace fan motors.

MET Listed to UL499 Standards

  • The VENT-SURE Model VS-1 is c-MET-us listed for use with all c-MET-us listed L&L kilns.
  • It is MET-us listed for all MET-us listed L&L kilns.
  • Note that using a non-L&L vent (even if it is listed to UL499) on an L&L kiln (or an L&L vent on a non-L&L kiln) would not be a listed)

Multi-mounting bracket

Multi-mount bracket in use

Included Multi-Mounting Bracket












Vent Doubler Option

Optional Vent Doubler









Optional Vent Controller to turn the vent on and off with DynaTrol or Genesis

Vent Control Option

  • The Vent Control will allow you to program the vent motor to turn on and off during the firing cycle.
NOTE: Vents made by manufacturers other than L&L may not be listed to UL499 standards if used with an L&L kiln. The same is true in reverse - the L&L Vent-Sure is listed to UL499 standards only with L&L listed kilns. If you have any question please contact the manufacturer of your non-L&L vent system.






Optional Long Vent Ducts for Rolling Stands and eFL Series Kilns

Note: If you order your kiln with a vent and the rolling stand or if you order an eFL kiln the appropriate duct comes with the kiln. 

For all eFL Series kilns and 8-Sided rolling Stand

For 10-Sided and 12-Sided Rolling Stand

Video, Specification Sheet and Instructions

Click here for Specification Sheet

Click here for Instruction Manual

Click here to watch video on how to install

Vent installation

Installing a Vent System

Drill holes for a Vent System

Name SKU Price
Vent-Sure for 120 Volts with 8 foot flex duct M-V-VENT/00 $675.00
Vent-Sure for 220-240 Volts (International) with 8 foot flex duct M-V-VENT/41 $795.00