K Series Polygonal Kilns

K Series kilns were with predecessors of the J Series kilns. They ranged in size from 14" diameter (the K14) to the 23" diameter models (K23 and K230). They features high-medium-low turn-up switches. Most of them had Dawson Kiln Sitter, some with timers and some without. They were manufactured by L&L Manufacturing Co., Inc. from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970s. Most parts are available. 

We highly recommend that any older kiln, especially one over 25 years old, be evaluated by a competent professional for safety.

For old instructions, new instructions that may apply and old literature click on this link.

Model K14
Model K18
Model K23
Model K230
K14 Extension ring
K18 Extension ring
K23 Extension ring