Stretching Elements

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  1. Mark the floor with two marks for stretched length. Have a helper stand on the tail of one element, and pull the other tail until the element is the proper length. The assistant must stand very firmly because a flying element could cause severe injuries (WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHEN DOING THIS). Alternately, clamp the end to something with vice-grips.
  2. Initially stretch element about 50% of length of its final fully stretched length. Examine for evenness of stretch. Selectively stretch close wound sections to provide uniformity of stretch.
  3. Repeat this procedure several times.
  4. You will have to pull element beyond last mark in order to obtain full stretch.
  5. If overstretch occurs insert a metal rod or small diameter dowel into the element coil and compress with needle nose pliers.
  6. Stretch uniformity is necessary for satisfactory element life.