Kilns: Industrial & Commercial Kilns, Industrial Furnaces, and Large Kilns for Artists

L&L makes industrial-Grade Kilns

Industrial Kiln with Pottery Kiln

A wide range of designs and sizes.

  • L&L kilns are the most industrialized kilns because of the hard ceramic element holders, heavy-duty element terminals and remotely mounted control panels
  • Wide range of sizes and configurations
  • Custom design use our standard product line as a starting point keep the prices competitive

Durability Means Cost Savings and Less Downtime

  • Industrial applications can be hard on kilns
  • Constant loading and unloading takes its toll on the firebrick grooves that typical kilns have
  • That's when you need L&L's hard element holders - they protect the delicate firebrick from loading damage

Quick Delivery

  • Fast lead times because of our just-in-time production system

Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Repairs

  • With video, search-engine based 24/7 web support, email and phone support, you get help when you need it
  • Less downtime, less expense, more production

Sophisticated control, Inexpensive Datalogger

  • The DynaTrol has six programs
  • Three zone control is standard for even firing
  • Get the KISS software system for an incredibly powerful yet inexpenisve datalogging system - for a fourth the price or less you would expect to pay
  • We also have a three zone Eurotherm control for use with many of our kilns (as well as other industrial control solutions)

High price to value improves return on investment

  • L&L offers high value features as standard (like our element holders and easy-to-repair construction)
  • That means great value for our industrial customers.

Widest variety of kilns

L&L DaVinci Kilns for making industrial ceramics

A furnace made by our sister company used at the Fermi Lab.

  • L&L has the widest selection of quality kilns on the market today
  • From large Bell-Lift kilns to Front-Loading kilns to simple top-loaders
  • If we don't make what you need you can contact our sister company, L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc. which supplies some of the most sophisticated batch furnaces made in the world today, making furnaces for customers like NASA, Rolls Royce, GE, American Superconductor, and 3M .

Custom work

  • We can customize our products to suit your special needs or design a new product just for you.

Car Bottom Kiln for Ceramics

This car bottom kiln was made for Sterling Ruby Studio in Los Angeles. It is 64" wide by 72" high by 84" deep and uses L&L element holders, 4-1/2" of K23 firebrick with 2" of back up insulation, ceramic fiber top, manual vents, and replaceable hearth sections.

Jumbo Bell-Lift Kilns used for ceramic armor processing

Jumbo Bell-Lift Kilns used for ceramic armor processing.

kilns used for Superconducting wire

Kilns used for processing superconducting wire.