Automatic Zone Control

graph of zone control

zone control

Single zone vs. multi-Zone

  • Many kilns have all elements controlled as one zone.
  • Often the elements are graded in power output from top to bottom to adjust for temperature uniformity due to greater heat losses at the top and bottom.


  • With unzoned kilns, there is no way to adjust for varying load conditions.
  • Zone control does this automatically. 


  • As the elements, age and change in power output (and they will do that at varying rates because of their different designs) the built-in adjustment will change.

Dynamic zone control with the DynaTrol and Genesis

  • The DynaTrol and Genesis feature Dynamic Zone Control.
  • The control separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle, and top of the kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output of three separate heating zones even as the kiln is heating up.
  • Kiln temperatures are automatically evened out to within 1/2 cone or better top to bottom.
  • There are separate thermocouples (heat sensors) and contactors (power controls) for each of the three zones.