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Email Us

The next best way to get support is to email us. Go to this page to see what we need to make that efficient. Technical Support. This page also tells you how to prepare for your support phone session.

The Most Common Error Messages and What to Do about them

  1. Error 1, Err1
  2. Error D, ErrD
  3. All Error messages on the DynaTrol
  4. Adjusting and Calibrating the DynaTrol for More Accurate Firing
  5. What to do if the kiln fires slowly?

Application Support for Firing Ceramics

Distributors usually offer some degree of application support. For instance if you are having problems with firing your work the first place to go for answers is the people who supply your clay and glazes. We offer some application support on this web site but it is minimal. Generally, this is outside the scope of our service. Look at the External Links of Kiln and Firing Help, Associations, Magazines and Websites. You can also email Rob Battey who does independent consulting for ceramic application issues.

customer service issues

If you have questions about shipments, deliveries or other customer service issues call call the office (at 800-750-8350) from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday or email The main office is open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Describe the nature of your problem or questions. PLEASE INCLUDE A FAX NUMBER AND/OR AN EMAIL ADDRESS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

Buy Parts

Find parts for your kiln

Sales Questions for Kilns

See the Sales FAQs for Frequently Asked Sales and Preorder Questions. Call 800-750-8350. Email

Video Help for Kilns

See our support and sales videos

Instruction Manuals and other PDFs Help

Download instructions for your kiln and many other helpful PDFs

General Dimensions of Kilns

Download General Dimension Drawings of many of our kilns

External Links

View external links. We keep adding what we feel are useful and appropriate external links to our web site.

Discontinued Kilns

View available information on discontinued kilns. We have many parts available for these kilns.

Kiln Cautions

View all of the kiln cautions for safe kiln firing

Limited Warranty for L&L Kilns

  1. See our Three-Year Limited Warranty for most kilns
  2. See our Five-Year Limited Warranty for School-Master kilns
  3. See the Warranty Process for handling any warranty issues