What is the E- A code on the DynaTrol and how do you fix it?

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What is the E- A code on the DynaTrol and how do you fix it?
  • E- A or Error A is the result of having too high a number programmed into one or more of the segments of the Vary-Fire program you are trying to fire. 
  • Bartlett says it is pretty rare, but it can happen in Segments 7 and/ or 8 of the User 2 program. 
  • Even if your User 2 program only has 1 or 2 segments, all 8 segments are looked at by the part of the controller that checks for faults like that. 
  • To fix it, just go into User 2 and set it for 8 segments. 
  • Then as you go through the program, check the set points; the degrees F or C number in each segment. 
  • Probably the degrees F 7 and degrees F 8 are set to numbers that are a lot higher than the maximum temperature of the kiln. 
  • Set them to a number below 2300 and finish going through the program. 
  • Lastly go back into User 2 again and set it back to the original number of segments.  Then try to fire it again.

Additional Actions to Take

  1. Make sure you have programmed the kiln properly and it is supposed to be firing.
  2. Read the Operation instructions.
  3. Do a Program Review as soon as you start firing. (For DynaTrols - see this video)