Type S Thermocouple (Standard on JH Series or Optional)

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Standard for JH Series Kilns - optional for any kiln with a DynaTrol or Genesis Control

  • This thermocouples hold up to high temperatures and loag soak periods.

the best high temperature thermocouple is a type S

  • The very best thermocouple for constant high fire applications is a Type S platinum thermocouple with an alumina sheath.
  • This is normally only recommended for the most extreme conditions (like firing crystalline glazes) because of its expense - or if the value or precision of your work is such that you do not want to risk thermocouple drift.
  • You can special order a DynaTrol with Type S thermocouples. They are not available for the One-Touch™ control.

Technical information

  • Type S thermocouples are composed of a positive leg which is 90% platinum and 10% Rhodium, and a negative leg which is 100% platinum.
  • It is usable from 32°F to 2700°F. (0°C to 1480°C).
  • It has a different EMF output than Type K thermocouples (meaning the same temperature will produce different voltages to the control which must then be interpreted differently).
  • That different scale requires both a simple hardware configuration change and a software change to take effect so it can not be done inadvertently.
  • At temperatures used in pottery kilns (even the highest 2350°F) these thermocouples can last for a very long time (as long as they are not mechanically broken).


  • The Type S thermocouples that we provide have a 5/16" OD alumina sheath.
  • They are ungrounded.
  • There are two lengths.
  • The short one used in the Easy-Fire, Jupiter and DaVinci kilns is 120mm (4.75”) long.
  • The long one used in the front-loading kilns like the Renaissance, Hercules and Easy-Load kilns is 160mm long (6.3”).
  • Termination is in a ceramic terminal block.

Optional on Many other kilns

  • One 120mm thermocouple is used on the Doll
  • Two 120mm thermocouples are used for any two section (18" high) Easy-Fire, Jupiter or DaVinci kiln
  • Three 120mm thermocouples on all other Easy-Fire, Jupiter or Davinci kilns.
  • EL2424 kilns use two. EL2427 and all other Easy-Load kilns use three. All front-loading kilns use 160mm TCs.
  • Type S thermocouples are not available on the School-Master, Liberty-Belle, Doll or Renaissance kilns if fitted with a Bartlett 3 Button control or the One-Touch™ control.