How and Why to Turn Off Error Codes

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How and Why to Turn Off Error Codes

To Toggle Error Codes On and Off

The OTHER button contains a menu which contains many of the different user-programmable settings. As you press OTHER again and again the menu will scroll by. You can press REVIEW SEG to go backwards in the menu. NOTE: You can not access the Other menus while the control is firing a program.

ERCd - Used to turn ON or turn OFF the error codes. When you receive your Dynatrol the error codes are turned on. In most cases, you will want the error codes on. They can be turned off if you are doing special firings, such as jewelry or glass firing where the kiln is opened while hot. Turning the error codes off turns off the dynamic zone control feature that keeps the temperature in the kiln even top to bottom. It eliminates nuisance shut downs but side also eliminates built in fail-safe measures that help prevent mistakes.

Turn the error codes off.







does not show on the display, press the Other key until ERCd displays.



Indicates that the error codes are turned on. You can
toggle back and forth between on and off by pressing the 1 key.



Displays OFF
indicating the error codes will be turned off.



IdLE flashes indicating that
the error codes have been turned off.

appears indicating that programming is complete. IdLE, tC2,
and the current temperature then cycle in the display.

What happens when I turn off the Error Codes?

It is O.K. to do this. However, you will not get certain operator protections which might prevent you from getting a poorly fired kiln. They can be turned off if you are doing special firings, such as jewelry or glass firing where the kiln is left open. This will also turn off the Dynamic Zone Control, and the E d function when the Error Codes are turned off. This turns off most error functions so that kiln is not affected by these built in checks. It eliminates nuisance shut downs but side steps built in “fool proofing”. The only Error codes that this does not turn off are E 6, FAIL, and ErrP/ PF in both the EASY-FIRE and VARY-FIRE modes. In addition E 1 (indicating slow temperature rise) and E 8 (temperature falling) is not turned off in the last segment of an “ EASY-FIRE” program. This is because the built in calculations would make no sense if the kiln were firing too slowly.

List of Error Codes

See this for a list of all error codes.


See this video: