Thick 8 Gauge Thermocouples

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Special Limit of Error Type 8 Gauge Type K Thermocouples

  • Special Limit of Error to ANSI MC96.1 specifications is used.
  • The standard thermocouples used for all L&L Automatic kilns are 8 gauge Type K thermocouples. Element connection wire and all terminations are properly calibrated for the thermocouples to keep them accurate. 
  • 8 Gauge is the thickness of 0.1285
    (about 1/8" thick) - which means they can withstand quite a bit of abuse and the natural corrosion that takes place in a kiln.
  • Most L&L automatic kiln also include a ceramic protection tube to further protect the thermocouple.

Thermocouple with protection tube

Thermocouple Options

Optional Type S thermocouple

Optional Pyrocil thermocouple

Extra Images

Thick 8 Gauge Thermocouples