Testing Element Resistance on an Easy-Fire Kiln


This video shows you how to test element resistance of the circuits on an Easy-Fire kiln. Most Easy-fire kilns are wired in parallel and the resistance you will get in this test gets multiplied by two to get the element resistance. You can find your proper element resistance by looking at your wiring diagram and looking for the ohms rating of the elements (which changes with voltage and phase). Make sure you know the voltage and phase of your kiln when you are checking this. 

This basic method will serve for many of L&L kilns like the eQuad-Pro and School-Master series. See this video for how to check elements on a Jupiter or DaVinci kiln. Instead of opening up the control box as shown on those kilns you just unplug the section cords and measure from the plug ends. Be sure to follow the specific instructions in this page: Also see this page about testing for element resistance.

FOR SAFETY'S SAKE: Be sure to unplug the kiln before performing this test. If you do that there is no chance of any shock even if you are not experienced.