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What is an Automatic Control Box?

Similarity of Automatic Control Box with Manual Control box

  1. The similarities between the automatic controls and the manual controls are most easily seen in the power circuits.

What are Thermocouples?

General Information on Thermocouples

  1. The pyrometers and all of the electronic kiln controllers for L&L kilns work with a “Type K Thermocouple”.

What to do if the kiln fires slowly?

Incorrect Loading

  1. If your kiln is loaded unevenly it can cause the 3-zone control to slow the kiln down to compensate.
  2. Try evening out the load.

What do I do if the kiln stalls?

  1. If for some reason the thermocouple wires touch the hot kiln case, they may melt and fail.

Display Reads 2400 or CPLt When it Starts Up

Even though you know the kiln is not that hot: this indicates a thermocouple failure.

Replacing Thermocouples

  1. Unplug kiln.
  2. Remove or hinge open the control box.
  3. Remove the Thermocouple Lead Wire from the Thermocouple.
  4. Main Image: 

The center of my kiln gets too hot compared to the top and bottom.

Assuming that the loading is even and the TC offsets are set equally, uneven temps in the kiln can be a simple programmable setting issue:

How do I know which thermocouples to get for my kiln?

L&L has used a lot of different style thermocouples over the years.

With thermocouples there are different TYPES, and within the various types there are different STYLES.

What is a thermocouple (TC) and how does it work?

A thermocouple (TC) is a temperature sensor. It reads the temperature in the kiln and gives the information to the DynaTrol or pyrometer. A TC is made from 2 different metals.

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