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Markings on Type S Thermocouples and lead wire colors

Question: On the thermocouple terminal block of our Type S thermocouple, one screw is clearly labeled with a bright red ‘+’ and the other has a dark black ‘-‘.

The temperature in the control is jumping erratically. How do I fix it?

Electrical Noise


  1. Sometimes there is electrical "noise" in your incoming line. This is hard to see (except with an oscilloscope).

How can the thermocouple wires get reversed on a Jupiter or DaVinci Automatic Kiln?

When packed, the thermocouples on the Jupiter JD and DaVinci kilns are mounted to the kiln sections without the thermocouple lead wire attached. This is because the panel is packed separately.

What to do when you see "FAIL"?


  1. FAIL usually just means a thermocouple is broken.

What's the worst thing that can happen from restarting after an Error Code?

Keep in mind that you run the risk of over-firing if you re-start while the kiln is very close to the final temperature.

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