What is the difference between a Jupiter kiln and a DaVinci kiln?

  1. The DaVinci kilns are normally larger and are square and rectangular in shape.
  2. For some the shape is critical (for tiles, for instance) and makes the kiln more efficient in terms of usable space.
  3. For others the size is the issue; there are few other sectional kilns that are made this large.
  4. The counterbalanced lid system and angle-iron stand are very heavy-duty on the DaVinci kilns, and make even the heaviest lid easy to lift.
  5. The control panels on most DaVinci kilns (except the X2327, X2336 and X2345 which use a Jupiter panel mounted on the kiln) are floor standing and feature 50 amp circuits.
  6. The DynaTrol on the DaVinci kilns (again except for the X2300 series models mentioned) is a handheld model that attaches to the kiln with a four-foot cable and can hang on the wall or the panel.
  7. The DaVinci kilns use 3” brick.
  8. DaVinci kilns and Jupiter share many of the same options like kiln sitter back-up for automatic kilns, bottom elements, etc.