Can you purchase a kiln with the Pull apart Option & Easy-Lift or Standard Hinge?

  1. The Pull-Apart Option is a no-charge option. Basically the hinge system is substituted for more handles, a floor-mounted stand for the control panel and longer cords between the control panel and the kiln.
  2. If you place an order for a Jupiter kiln with the Pull-Apart Option it will not normally include the Easy-Lift Hinge or Standard Hinge.
  3. Instead, it is assumed you will lift the lid off of the kiln with the two sets of handles that are provided.
  4. However, if you would like to have the Pull-Apart option and the Easy-Lift hinge, you may order the Easy-Lift hinge for an additional price of 75% of the current charge of the Spring Hinge. See this for the current charge of a 10-sided kiln (22" - 23" diameter) spring hinge. See this for the current charge of a 12-sided kiln (28" to 29"  diameter) spring hinge.
  5. You can also purchase the Standard Hinge at 60% off of the cost of a new hinge. See this for the current charge of a standard hinge. These will work fine on a 10-sided kiln, but are not recommended for use on a 12-sided kiln. They could potentially be used, but only with great caution and at your own risk.
  6. It is possible to add these hinges after you get your kiln, but there is some assembly required. See this video for information on how to retrofit the spring hinge onto a kiln. The 25% off discount on the hinge will be honored for 6 months after shipment of the kiln.
  7. Click here for more information on the Pull-Apart Kilns.