Can I use Three-Phase Wye Power on a Three-Phase Delta wired kiln?

Question: The school district is looking to purchase a kiln (K-E-23T3/22, 11000W, 208v, 3phase, 40 amp). The cut sheet given to me suggests power from a Delta transformer, we do not have a delta power transformer feeding the panel, we have a Wye transformer configuration feeding the panel for power. Would it be ok to feed the kiln from a Wye configuration instead of a Delta configuration, and should we note on the order form "Electrical Service Confirmation" form that we have Wye transformer configuration not Delta?

Answer: The three hot legs of your Wye outputs will feed the three hot legs of our Delta inputs. We do not use the Neutral in these kilns. L1 to L2 will be 208 volts, L1 to L3 will be 208 volts, L2 to L3 will 208 volts.