Safety Notice

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All Cautions


  1. All cautions and requirements recommended by L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc. are meant to assist Users to properly and safely operate their kilns. Many of these cautions apply to kilns and ceramic processes in general.
  2. By making use of, and/or downloading from, this web site, User acknowledges that process and manufacturing systems improperly installed, maintained, or operated can pose serious and dangerous threats to worker safety, environmental integrity, and product/process quality.
  3. Kilns operate at high temperatures and make us of high voltages/amperages and if improperly installed, maintained, or used can cause serious personal or property damages. 
  4. Commercial kilns are provided with various safety, performance, and operating limits, designs and devices which, if disconnected, altered, tampered with, or changed by User, User's employees, User's agents, or others acting on User's behalf or with User's knowledge, will become User's sole risk and responsibility.
  5. User also has the sole responsibility for assigning properly trained persons to operate the kilns who have demonstrated common sense and a general aptitude for such work.
  6. It is User’s sole responsibility to understand and assure adherence to all safety notices and installation, operating, and maintenance instructions provided by this web site and/or by the kiln manufacturer.