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What are your issues?

Explore the Knowledgebase for issues that may be of concern to you. We have worked hard to make this a repository of knowledge gathered over the years. It is constantly changing. The Knowledgebase covers not only kiln troubleshooting questions, but also general questions about kilns and firing.

Find the right kiln series for you

Our Choose A Kiln page will allow you to filter by control type, firing temperature range, loading type, size and shape.

  • Pick a Kiln Series.
  • Then pick the exact model listed by size.
  • Then pick the voltage that is right for you.

What do you have to think about before buying a kiln?

See our Kiln Installation Checklist

General Sales Questions?

See the Sales FAQs.

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See the Policies page.

What about warranty?

School-Master kilns have a five-year warranty! Other L&L Kilns have a three-year warranty. 

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