Replacing Firebrick in Sides of a Sectional Kiln

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Tightening the case on a DaVinci kiln

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A damaged brick that needs replacing (from shipping damage)
  1. Order the firebrick precut and rerouted from L&L Kilns. One can order this with the proper element holders already in place or reuse the holders from the old brick. Be sure to order it for the appropriate model of kiln. Be sure to say whether it is a brick where the element connections come through. (Click here for all repair bricks).
  2. Remove the section of the kiln and put it on a flat surface. Elements will have to be removed and properly placed.
  3. Loosen the clamps on the stainless steel band that hold the section together just enough to remove the damaged brick. Do not completely remove the stainless steel case. Loosen just enough to allow the brick to slide out with slight hand pressure while the other bricks stay in place.
  4. Slide the bad brick(s) out and put in new brick(s). Be sure the element holders line up with the other holders on either side. Note that there is a top and bottom in the element holder so be sure to get the orientation correct.
  5. Retighten the clamps on the wrap. Alternately tighten the bottom and top clamp so that you don't cock the stainless casing.
  6. Replace the elements.
  7. Sand off the top surface of the firebrick to match the surface of the other firebricks. Sandpaper will work fine.
  8. Brush a light coat of facing over the top of the brick.

CAUTION IN STEP 3: If you don't have the section on a flat surface then the bricks will all come out of proper alignment at this point.