Loading a kiln (Video)


This video goes into the principles of how to load an electric kiln. In this case it is an L&L Easy-fire e23T kiln.

For More Information

  1. See this page for text.


  1. See this for an error code you may get if you load too close to thermocouples or unevenly.

Placing Posts

  1. Place posts a few inches in from the edge of the shelf. Posts positioned on the shelf
    edges tend to allow the shelves to warp sooner.
  2. Use 3 posts per shelf, this will allow the shelf to sit without a wobble. Use 4 for heavier
    loads, especially on the very bottom. Using more than four posts may cause your
    shelves to crack or warp prematurely.
  3. Always put the posts for the next shelf right on top of where the posts are holding up
    the shelf below. All the posts should be in a line from top to bottom.
  4. Placing posts on their sides under the bottom shelf to distribute the weight is best as
    long as the bottom shelf's height is not even with or higher than the bottom-most side
    5. Half shelves at the same height as each other can share the posts where they meet.