Solid Super-Strong 14 Gauge Aluminized Steel Stand

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Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel

  • The stand is made from aluminized steel which helps the metal resists corrosion and high temperatures.

Full Support

  • The stand is made from a single sheet of 14 gauge aluminized steel.

Full support stand

Engineered Strength

  • There is a channel bend (two right-angle bends) on each side for extra strength.
  • This full sheet provide continuous support for the kiln bottom.
  • The legs have three bends each for super engineered strength.

Stand leg

  • All material is 14 Gauge (14 gauge is .0747" thick or thicker than 1/16", which is .0625").
  • The stand is rated for three times the weight of the kiln.
  • It's so strong you can jump on it.

Ready for the Vent-Sure

  • Studs are welded to the bottom of the stands to hold the Vent-Sure Collection Box.
  • This makes it possible to add the Vent-Sure option at anytime.

Stand is ready for Vent-Sure

Protect Your Floor

  • There are plastic caps that fit over the bottom of the stand legs to make it easier to move kilns on the floor.

Extra Images

Top of the stand. This is 14 gauge thick aluminized steel.
Stand leg. Note the strong PEM fasteners that hold the leg to the stand top.
This shows how the stainless steel vent bypass box gets mounted to studs on the bottom of the stand.
Solid Super-Strong 14 Gauge Aluminized Steel Stand