Frank Giorgini

Frank Giorgini
My original L&L has provided outstanding service.
Frank Giorgini

I am the proud owner of a new DaVinci X3227 Kiln.  It is replacing the only other kiln I have been using for the past 22 years, which also happens to be an L&L.   My original L&L (J2927) has provided outstanding service and reliability through out the firing of countless pots, tiles, udu drums, sculptures and two New York City MTA Subway Projects.  It is still in service right next to the new one.  Amazingly, I only had to do a complete element replacement twice in all those years.  That kind of longevity must be a result of your unique Dyna-Glow element holder system.

My new DaVinci is a work of industrial art.  Every component of its construction seems to be of the highest heavy-duty industrial quality available in a kiln of this size.  It has a formidable presence in my studio and has opened a whole new experience of firing for me.  The DynaTrol temperature control system allowed me to program my own unique firing schedule and the interior firing atmosphere has been very uniform and controlled in both the heating and cooling phases.  So much so that if I am having a problem, I use the kiln firing as a constant, and look at clay formulation or drying technique as the source.

I am a very satisfied customer and want to commend you on the design, construction, quality and performance of your fine products.  I am looking forward to another couple of decades or so of outstanding service from my new L&L Kiln.  Thank you.

Frank Giorgini is a leading artist and potter in the United States, receiving a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and one fine arts from the Pratt institute in Brooklyn and a master’s degree in fine arts in ceramics from Southern Illinois University. Frank Giorgini is a highly qualified artist who has taught architectural tile design in Manhattan at the Parsons School of Design. Besides being a leading tile maker, Frank also makes the world renown Ibo pot drums, known as Udu drums. He has helped to bring this amazing but dwindling African tradition back to life. In 1995 Frank won the Tile Heritage Foundation Award for his work with, promotion, and appreciation of ceramic tiles. That year Frank was also given a commission to design tiles for the Whitehall Street/South Ferry subway station in Manhattan, New York.

Frank says that he has been a proud owner of the X3227 DaVinci L&L kiln for 22 years, and he trusts the durability of his DaVinci to the extent that he never assumes the kiln to be the cause if he is having trouble firing. He says, “…If I am having a problem, I use the kiln firing as a constant, and look at clay formulation or drying technique as the source.” Frank’s beautiful tiles and unique Udu drums deserve the reliability of an L&L kiln, and Frank looks forward to years of good use from his DaVinci.


New York
Freehold, NY