Export Shipments

Small Parts

  1. Parts that are small enough ship by UPS, or by USPS (United States Postal Service).
  2. The Customer is responsible for any duties, taxes and documentation fees.


  1. All kilns ship Ex-Works (see Incoterms below) from our warehouse, unless specified otherwise.
  2. We do not ship to residential addresses outside the USA (except for Canada).
  3. If you need delivery to a residence, we highly recommend you use a broker to arrange the shipping. We can also ship the kiln to a
    terminal located in the continental USA.
  4. Kilns shipping to a commercial address can ship by ocean or air freight.
  5. We ship to Canada through several USA Distributors. Email us and we will make a recommendations.
  6. Kiln shipments to Mexico must be to an address in Texas from where you can arrange shipping to Mexico.

Duties and other fees

  1. Import and export licenses, duties, tariffs, etc. are expenses due from the purchaser.
  2. Any import duties and taxes must be paid in the destination country.
  3. There are export crate fees that vary with kiln model.
  4. Kilns up to 48" by 48" (122cm x 122cm) will be packed on top of a export grade pressed wood pallet. Larger kilns may require export crating and additional fees will be applied. Export crate fees will vary with kiln model.

Documentation Fees

  1. Any documents that needs to be certified or chamberized will incur a minimum of $150.00 fee or more per document. Additional shipping fees will be added if hardcopy is needed.


  1. Kilns and parts typically must ship to an importing broker in your country.
  2. We will need a name, phone number, email and address.
  3. L&L is not responsible for shipments held in storage by the broker.


Click here to get more information on International Commerce Terms (referred to as Incoterms).


Effective Date

November 12, 2019