Choose the temperature rating of your kiln

Temperature rating: Do you need a cone 10 kiln?

  1. Electric kilns range in maximum temperature usually up to Cone 10.
  2. This is mostly a function of kiln power available.
  3. Can the kilns reach Cone 10?
  4. Even if you are not going to use the kiln to Cone 10 you will still benefit from the higher power available. As elements age the kiln firing will slow down. If you start with a more powerful kiln you will get more life out of your elements.

Firing above Cone 10

  1. We do make a few models that are designed to fire above cone 10 by means of a longer soak (with the elements and brick to withstand this).
  2. Higher fire electric kilns are available with silicon carbide elements or molybdenum disilicide; however, these can be very expensive. (See for more information on ultra high temperature electric kilns).

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