Choose the Size of Your Kiln

Size your new kiln to fit your work

  1. What is the volume of work to be produced?
  2. What is the largest piece you need to put in the kiln?
  3. Assume you will get one firing per day at the most.
  4. The larger kilns cost less to fire per piece if fully loaded.

Height & Loading

  1. Most top-loading electric kilns are 18" or 27" high.
  2. L&L makes kilns up to 45" high inside (which can give you economical capacity).
  3. The 36" and 45" high kilns made by L&L are designed so you can remove sections for loading or for adjusting to different loads.
  4. You may want to consider an 18" high kiln if you have trouble bending over to load.
  5. L&L Jupiter and DaVinci sectional kilns are designed to be adjustable in height for firing different loads. (This is not true for most other sectional kilns including the Easy-Fire). Because of the flexible cords on the Jupiter and DaVinci kilns and the separate control panel the sections are extremely easy to unplug and move around.

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