Choose whether kiln is sectional or one piece construction

Moving & repairing a sectional kiln is easy

  1. Top-loading electric kilns are either sectional or one-piece construction.
  2. Typically sectional kilns have 9" high sections that sit on top of each other.
  3. Sectional kilns are easy to move (often one person can do the job) and easy to repair.
  4. Kilns made with a single piece case are usually less expensive but have obvious disadvantages.
  5. They are very difficult to move and repair (you may have to disassemble the whole kiln).

Front-Loading kilns are single piece construction

  1. Except for our Hercules kiln which has a detatchable stand, all our front-loading kilns are made in one piece.
  2. The door can be removed if necessary with proper rigging.

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