Choose how to control your kiln

Automatic Controls

Reliability, Convenience and Artistic Freedom

  1. The today's program controls are very reliable.
  2. They automate the firing process providing great flexibility and a new level of control which can open up new creative avenues.
  3. They are particularly helpful for busy teachers who don't have the time to baby-sit a kiln.

The DynaTrol

  1. Our DynaTrol features four easy to use pre programmed firing profiles as well as six user-defined profiles.
  2. The latest in control technology is Dynamic Zone Control, which insures great accuracy top to bottom (better than ½ a cone).

One-Touch™ Control

  1. The fantastic new One-Touch™ control offers the utmost in simplicity while still allowing you to do custom programming if you need it.


  1. Our unique Protected Thermocouples offer long life, inexpensive replacement and protection from thermocouple spalling (shedding metal into your kiln).
  2. We also offer Type S platinum thermocouples for people who consistently do very high firing.

Single Zone vs. Zone Control

The problem with graded elements

  1. Graded elements are one way kiln manufacturers adjust for the natural top to bottom temperature variations in a kiln.
  2. Graded elements are great when a kiln is brand new. However,
    elements age and with different elements in the same kiln they will age
    at different rates. If you have to change one element (ruined by glaze,
    for instance) and not the whole set of elements, your kiln may not be so
    even. This process is also accelerated by higher temperatures.
  3. Zone control dynamically deals with any such changes and maintains
    its evenness over time and under different loading conditions.
  4. L&L uses graded elements on our School-Master kilns because
    the temperatures are not so extreme and it allows us to use the less
    expensive single zone controllers.

Zone Control is more even

  1. In most L&L sectional kilns (Easy-Fire, Jupiter and DaVinci), both manual and automatic, each section is a separate zone controlled by individual contactors or zone switches.
  2. Either the automatic control automatically adjusts the zones or, in manual Jupiter kilns, you can adjust the zones. If you use our TRU-VIEW multi-zone pyrometer system you can see what the kiln is doing so you can make intelligent adjustments.

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