Bonnie Staffel

Bonnie Staffel
I was thankful that the element holders kept everything in place and stable.
Bonnie Staffel

I have been a practicing potter for over 60 years, starting with my first studies in 1947. I used several small kilns but as my skills progressed became interested in a serious kiln. This was before the Internet, but I researched kilns through Ceramics Monthly and decided to buy an early square L&L kiln. My decision was mainly based on the element holders where the unprotected grooves often broke in my earlier kilns. I only used this kiln to bisque fire as I had an Alpine gas kiln at the time after coming back from my studies at Cranbrook.

We then moved several times and had to leave the gas and L&L kilns behind. After returning to Charlevoix from my ten years in the southern part of the country, I felt I needed a new large kiln. The DaVinci came out at that time and I decided to purchase the 2827. I have been using this kiln since 1997. I had found that a square kiln was very suitable when making place settings, large platters and held more pots in the space than the round type.

I now have it set up in the garage where I live. My family carries my pots up and down stairs from my basement studio, and they have learned to load it as well. With all the bells and whistles including a timer, kiln setter and computer board, I just need to watch for the witness cones to bend. Over these years, I have always felt it important to fire by the witness cones, not by any mechanics. This kiln will probably last the rest of my life surviving even the car running into it when my granddaughter was parking her car.last winter. I was thankful that the element holders kept everything in place and stable.

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