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Ceramic armor, Calcining, Heat Treating, Production Ceramics, Production dinnerware

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For over 75 years, L&L has focused exclusively on designing and building the most durable and easy-to-use electric kilns. We place a high value on methodical engineering, superior technical support, and quick, and efficient service. We care passionately about quality and the impact that has on your time and work.


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Tips from L&L and L&L Customers

Electrical & Cold Weather Questions

Dear L&L Kilns -

Here are some questions about the L&L Kiln eQuad Pro 13.6 cubic feet model eq 2836-3.  I have not purchased this kiln yet,.  I may get the 10.6 cubic foot one instead, but these questions will probably have the Read More...

Great experience for a Production Potter with an eQUAD-PRO Kiln

An email from a customer who replaced 3 thermocouples (at no charge under our pro-rated warranty):

Dear L&L – I love my eQuad-Pro kiln. I have two kilns: an older (and larger) Skutt and then my slightly smaller and much newer L&L Read More...

Fixing a Fan Motor on the Vent-Sure

/pottery-kiln-parts/vents#search-resultsOh My Gosh you guys…I am not able to fire and orders are stacking up!!!  HELP!!!! my fan that was fairly new has just  quit working….. Please help me Read More...