Terra Sigilatta

Terra Sig is a surface decoration that at times can emulate the look of a leather hard piece of ceramic. It is created by adding a deflocculant like sodium silicate to a water clay slip mixture. The deflocculant assists in the separation of the clays heavier particles from the most fine. The most fine particles stay suspended in the mixture and can be siphoned off the top for terra sigillata. Colorants can be added and then the mixture is applied to dried greenware and burnished immediately. It is then fired to a lower bisque temperature, typically around 1650 deg f.


Due to its lower firing range, terra sigillata is typically not food or dishwasher safe. Depending on your process, it may also leach water and therefore would only be considered for decorative purposes.


The market for low-fired ceramics has grown recently. Due to the purely decorative nature of most terra sigillata fired ceramics, the market may be a smaller niche.


Terra Sigillata has a comparable firing cycle to a low-fire or earthenware clay. Any of our kiln product lines are capable of these schedule so you want to consider the shape and scale of your work when making your decision. If you want a simplified control option, any of the kiln with the One-Touch Intuitive Control are preset for low fire ceramics.

Recommended Kilns

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