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eFL Front-Loader Receiving & Installation Instructions

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How to receive, unpack and install an eFL Front-Loading kiln.
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How do I move a used kiln?

Question: We are getting ready to move long distance and wondered how we can pack/box/crate our kilns so they are protected in transit. 

Specification Sheet for Hercules kilns

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Complete Feature, Option, Electrical and Dimension Specifications
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Not instructions
Specifications & Literature
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Can L&L ship kilns Prepay and Add?

  1. Yes - we can prepay and add freight charges to your invoice.
  2. Click here for more information.

How easy is the set up of L&L sectional kilns?

  1. Setting up any of our kilns is very simple.

Does L&L Export?

  1. L&L exports through both international distributors in some countries and directly where we do not have a distributor.
  2. See our list of international distributors.
  3. Orders
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