"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge

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Easy to Open



Easy-Unobstructed Loading

  • Allows Easy Access to Kiln - no support bars in the way. The lid, when open, is tilted away from the kiln opening allowing greater access to the interior. There are no lid supports in the way when loading your kiln. You can safely and easily load from both sides. Anyone who has tried to load a large kiln with a lot of work can fully appreciate this great feature.

Spring hinge allows easy loading

  • Double spring eliminates side torque on lid.

Double springs

Less Chance of Lid Damage

  • A lighter lid also reduces lid and kiln lip damage.


  • A plunger-type safety latch holds the lid in place while it is open. There is a safety pin with a spring plunger (to keep it in place) that goes into a hole on the side of the hinge when loading the kiln and when the lid is in the up position. Also the lid, when in the up position, is resting in an angled position behind the center of gravity. This is very unlike other kinds of kiln lids.

  • Ceramic handle stays cool

Ceramic Handle

  • Clasp holds lid down when firing

Stable Construction

  • The hinge extends over three kiln sections and ties the kiln together for stability.

Corrosion & Heat Resistant

  • The body of the hinge is made from stainless steel.

Extra Images

"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge
"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge
"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge
"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge
"Easy-Open, Easy-Load" Spring Hinge