Solid State Relays

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Solid State Relays on an L&L Kiln
Solid State Relays on an L&L Kiln


Solid State Relays are quiet and result in longer element life because the switching time is so fast the elements don’t heat and cool as much the way the will with regular mechanical contactors. The whole system includes heat sinks, special fast acting fuses, cooling fan and extra safety relays.

It is possible to get this option with a High Limit Control as well and with our without Back Up Contactors. Note that the photograph shows a NEMA 1 panel with 6 SSRs, the safety contactors and the High Limit Control with its own set of back up contactors.

Panels with 6 circuits  need to use the NEMA 1 panel (because fo the size required to house all the components) even if the panel is not 480 volts.

The SSR option is available on the Easy-Fire, Easy-Fire XT, eQuad-Pro, Jupiter, JH Series, eFL Series, DaVinci, Hercules and Easy-Load kilns.

Extra Images

An easy-Fire e23T-3 with the special panel for the SSR and High Limit Option

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