Simple Strong Hinge with Wide-Angle Opening

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This is an excellent heavy duty hinge

  • Heavy-duty but simple hinge
  • It attaches to the top section only.
  • The hinge bar is a heavy 3/8" diameter machined stainless steel rod. It is securely fastened on with cotter pins.
  • The lid is held in the up position with two side mounted chains.
  • In addition, for the 8-sided kilns, there is a safety chain which is meant to be attached to a wall. This is to prevent the lid from falling accidentally.
  • The hinge is powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Simple strong hinge

Side view of hinge

Where it is used

  • We use this hinge on Doll kilns, Liberty-Belle and small Easy-Fire and Jupiter Kilns (8-sided models such as the e18S, e18T, e18S-3, e18T-3) and similar 8-sided models in the Jupiter line.
  • The Fuego kilns have a similar hinge but it is integrated into the control panel because of the lid switch.

Extra Images

Simple Strong Hinge with Wide-Angle Opening
Simple Strong Hinge with Wide-Angle Opening
Simple Strong Hinge with Wide-Angle Opening