Low-Fire Ceramics

Low-Fire typically refers to work fired below about 2000°F (1100°C). Many clays and glazes are designed for this and it is very popular among K-12 schools and hobbyists. Low firing has the advantage of using less energy and generally the clays and glazes are more forgiving of temperature variations and other problems. Some prominent clay artists take advantage of the many glazes and effects that have been developed for low fire so just because this method is highly practical for economics in schools and paint-your-own pottery shops it also has much artistic potential.


Certain low-fire applications require the creator to bisque to a higher temperature then they glaze fire. This assures the vitrification of the clay body and can often offer the creator a wider color palette. The hotter a kiln gets the harder it is to achieve certain colors and effects.
Lower firing clay and glazes are sometimes considered not microwave and dishwasher safe. This is not always the case but it is a good idea to ask the manufacturer about your materials before using them.


The market for low-fire ceramics is ever-growing. Clay and glaze manufacturers have designed a wide body of materials for a number of reasons. You can achieve a broader color palette at low-fire temperatures and clays can be designed for full vitrification below 2000 deg f. This lower temperature saves energy, time and money.


Any of our kilns can be used for low-fire ceramic ranges. If the application is for a school, the School-Master series kilns have our intuitive One-Touch control that is pre-programmed for low fire applications.

Recommended Kilns

Custom Configured and Designed for Industrial Applications
Bell-Lift Production Kilns
Large Square and Rectangular Production kilns
Small Kiln for Hobby Use and Glaze Testing
The L&L Flagship Kiln: Six popular Easy-Fire models. (Sized 2.5 cubic feet to 10.2 cubic feet).
Large Heavy-Duty Front-Loading Kilns
High Power Production version of Easy-Fire Series with "Quad" element design.
An International Kiln for Hobby/Household Use where household current is 220 to 240 volts
Affordable front-loading kilns with professional features like an arched roof. Now available in two sizes.
A Special Design Just for Crystalline Glaze
100 cubic feet Bell Lift Kilns for Industry
Customizable Automatic Zoned Top-Loading Kilns - up to 45" tall
The perfect hobby kiln with a 12 foot long 30 amp cord for plugging into a dryer outlet.
Jupiter Kilns that pull apart for easy loading of sculpture
School-Master kilns are designed specifically for K-12 schools with a Five-Year Warranty.