Glass Artist Resource Page

Glass artists need clean, even, carefully controlled firing. L&L has a growing number of kilns to accommodate glass artists.

L&L kilns fire evenly

  • Three zone control and evenly distributed elements make L&L kilns fire very evenly

Priced competitively

Clean interior

  • Glass firing requires a clean interior
  • The hard ceramic element holders are the key to this in an L&L kiln. Elements expand and contract in any kiln as they get hot. If this is against soft firebrick, as it is in most kilns, then you create dust


  • There is simple pleasure in owning a product that is built to last. 

The Best Warranty

  • L&L kilns feature a three-year warranty
  • L&L has the best warranty in the kiln business
  • Our durability and quality control make this possible

Save money on repairs

  • Repairs are less frequent because of the durable ceramic element holders
  • DIY - that is our motto. L&L kilns are designed from the ground up to be easy to repair
  • Change your own elements without damaging the kiln - and you don't have to be a kiln repair expert either
  • Beats paying someone $50 to $100 an hour and you can do it on your schedule
  • With Video-based web support, our extensive Knowledgebase, email and phone support, we are here to help

Choice of Controls

  • The DynaTrol has Four Easy programs and six programs you can program yourself. Get exactly the effects you need
  • Zone control is fancy - and standard on many of our kilns
  • Want it simplier? Get the Liberty-Belle with a One-Touch™ control with four simple programs

An expanding variety of glass kilns

Typical Applications

Craft Glass

Glass fusing fuses or joins to pieces of glass together.
Glass slumping can be done in any of our kiln series.

Recommended Kilns

The L&L Flagship Kiln: Six popular Easy-Fire models. Multi-Zone control. Sectional. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.5 to 10.2 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
The perfect hobby kiln with a 12 foot long 30 amp cord for plugging into a dryer outlet. One-Touch Simple Control. Cone 10.
Custom Configured and Designed for Industrial Applications