Easy to Remove & Service Control Panel (Easy-Fire, School-Master, eQuad-Pro)

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Hinged Access Cover Makes Service Easy And Safe

  • Control panel pulls down easily and remain perpendicular to the element box for very easy access while seated.

Panel is easy to service

Both panels open

  • The control panels have a hinged cover for easy access to the internal wiring.
  • All wiring is neatly laid out in a professional and industrial way.
  • Repair and troubleshooting is easy with this design.

Cooler Operation

  • Only L&L features a control panel that is mounted off the hot wall of the kiln.
  • This keeps the control components (which don't like heat) a lot cooler than in many competitors' designs.
  • These infrared photographs show just how cool the panel stays.

Cooler panel shown by infrared

Remove Quickly & Easily

  • You can easily remove the control panel in 5 minutes.
  • This means that it is easy to send the control panel to the factory for expert factory repair - saving time money and the risk of not getting panel repairs done properly.

Wires are numbered
Wires are numbered & Color coded

Fused Circuits above 50 amps

  • All Kilns with 50 amps or more have circuits that use branch fusing.

Branch fusing shown on eQuad-Pro panel

  • This means that each element circuit is separately fused.
  • This is done according to the US National electrical Code.

Extra Images

Piggy-Backed Panel shown in maintenance position
Panel from above
Both element panel and piggy-back panel open
Angles panel shown from the front
Closeup of angled panel with DynaTrol
Inside the piggy-back panel showing relays and transformer
Wire numbering shown
Branch fusing shown on eQuad-Pro Panel