Contemporary Studio Resource Page

Contemporary Studios bring the traditional art of decorating clay for fun, entertainment and practical use. The needs of Studios are simple but kiln durability is a business necessity.


  • Constant loading and unloading, in many case by people who don't own the kilns, will take its toll on the soft firebrick grooves that typical kilns have
  • That's when you need L&L's hard element holder - they protect the delicate firebrick from loading damage
  • This means cost savings for your business and a kiln that stays operational when you need it most
  • You won't have to replace your kiln in five years (which is the typical replacement time for most kilns)

The Best Warranty

  • Our School-Master kilns, designed specifically for K-12 schools but also perfect for Contemporary Studios, feature a five-year warranty
  • All other L&L kilns feature a three-year warranty
  • L&L has the best warranty in the kiln business
  • Our durability and quality control make this possible

Save money on repairs

  • Repairs are less frequent because of the durable ceramic element holders
  • L&L kilns are specifically designed to make it easy for non-experts to repair your kiln
  • When you consider that a typical kiln repair person charges $50 to $100 an hour that adds up quickly
  • Because you can control your repairs you have control over your schedule
  • With Video-based web support, our extensive Knowledgebase, email and phone support, we are here to help

Easy to use - with choice

  • One-Touch™ control used on the School-Master kilns is designed to simplify a studio owner's learning curve while still giving you the creative control you need
  • The DynaTrol (used on our Easy-Fire, Jupiter, DaVinci and Hercules and Easy-Load front-loading kilns) which features 4 easy ceramic programs, 6 variable programs and zone control for automatic adjustment of the firing

Priced competitively

  • L&L Kilns give you more for your money
  • Better warranty, ceramic element holders, stronger stands, more serviceable control panels and much more
  • L&L kilns won't be bounced back on bid when compared to other high-quality kilns - even with all of the value added features we offer


  • Most L&L kilns are tested and certified to UL499 by MET (A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory)

Typical Applications

Craft Ceramics

Low-Fire Ceramics is typically fired below about 2000°F (1100°C).


Diane chooses to fire in an L&L JD230 for number of reasons. The fully opening lid allows her to load her larger sculptures in without the impediment of a lid prop and the durable ceramic holders have kept the kiln in like-new condition.  She switched to L&L because of the deterioration of the element channels in her last kiln.  She is commonly loading larger tiles and needs the extra durability on the faces of the firebrick.  

Recommended Kilns

The L&L Flagship Kiln: Six popular Easy-Fire models. Multi-Zone control. Sectional. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.5 to 10.2 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
School-Master kilns are designed specifically for K-12 schools with a Five-Year Warranty. One-touch simple control. Sectional. Graded elements. Cone 6 but with plenty of power for long life.